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About Red Oomph

Red Oomph Technology Solution is a combination of Red & Oomph. Red is the color which associated with energy, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Oomph represents the quality of being exciting, energetic.

  • Young & Energetic Team-working
  • Plan & Accomplish project base on gathered requirements
  • Expertise in Designing, Technology and Innovation

Red Oomph Technology Solution strongly believes in Creativity and Innovation of Technology to ensure that we deliver satisfaction to our clients.
In this new era, Technology is the power & capability which is the engine that makes everything run.

How to start a project?

Steps to enquire for Red Oomph Technology Solution Services

  • 01 Share us your problem / queries / ideas

    You are welcome to share us your problem / queries / ideas, Our team are capable to handle complex websites & mobile apps with integrated tools and fresh ideas.

  • Team communications will be going through the development of the project, run through internal quality assurance checks and review by our clients and discover the future iteration. Purchase Order to be issued by client with the agreed payment schedule and deposit to be paid to start the complete requirement study process. Documented Requirements to be signed off to kick start the project.

  • Project tracking and update with Agile Management tools, project progress updated to our own project tracking system that allow client to view the progress at the same time.

  • Test scripts with features to be tested by client and sign off after bugs fixed and satisfied.

  • Provided online training on what we had developed and draft of the future features according to client road map. Provided work unit of warranty period on product that we developed and maintenance contract to be proposed to make sure service product or services are up and runing in a tip top conditions.


Our Experiences

In industry of
• mobile web, app and applications
• workflow customisation and automation
• sales funnel and performance
• referral programs and rewards
• demand and supplies marketplace
• fields services and tracking
• e-commerce, payments and marketplace integration
• iOT development and embedded system
• 3D, augmented reality, mix reality and virtual reality
• customer relationship management
• datacenter and networking setup


Red Oomph Technology Solution provides variety of Technology Services and deliver according to your needs and wants.

Web Development

Expand your business to online by developing online websites and grow your sales as it is accessible by more potential customer at anytime anywhere .

Mobile Apps Development

Smart Device era? You are able to run your business through Apps & manage it at your fingertips! It improves the visibility of your business, users are able to access to your apps from their own devices.

E-commerce/ API's & Integrations

With E-Commerce, Our Team engage the journey of sales with experience of the design around your brand, product and goals which attracts or convert your customers. API's & Integrations, improving your systems and streamline your workflows.


Your request, Our Responsible.
Our mission is to gather, study and planning based on the requirement to ensure it will be delivered precisely according to your needs and wants.

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Need help? Red Oomph Technology Solution provides your the experts and assist you. Please let us know your query and we will attend to your request.


These are the work that being delivered with organized inspirational website designs.
There are plenty of ideas which we are seeking out to help you out.

  • All
  • App
  • Web

Luxury Cars

Automobile App


App Design


Music Web

Home Assistant Web

Web Design

Home Assistant

App Design

Used Mobile Marketplace

Used Mobile Marketplace App

Used Mobile Marketplace

Used Mobile Marketplace Web

GK Soh

GK Soh App

Meta Erp

Meta Erp Web

Meta Erp

Meta Erp Web

Meta Erp

Meta Erp Web

Meta Erp

Meta Erp Web

Meta Erp

Meta Erp Web


For enquries related to system / software development, please do contact us. Thank you.


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